Canadian Cloth Diaper Retailers

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After my first Daughter was born, we had family pressure to use disposable diapers. "It's easier" they would say "Cloth is too much work", "The soaking, rinsing and washing is gross", "We were so grateful when you were born that disposables were invented". All these comments left us on the path to throw away diapers. We were never okay with it. We felt uncomfortable buying mass amounts from Walmart because they were on sale. Seeing the pallets full if diaper boxes outside the store to this day makes me sad.

Our little girl was 10 months old when friends finally told me the truth about cloth diapers. After researching all the information I received, on both sides. Water usage, detergent use, electricity and manufacturing, our decision was simple. We switched to cloth.
This journey through the transition to cloth has led me to inspire others to find their own path and was soul inspiration for Podlings. I have gained knowledge and since then we have tried and tested almost every brand out there and of course those dollar signs are easily replaced with
awesome resale value. Having a large consignment addition to our store is an essential part of our spirit, as in this world to us Less is More and Used is even Better ;)

"Our Truth About Cloth" informational workshops are popular and good for the spirit. We love what we do and we are believers in the power of information and the freedom of choice.

Sherry Turnbull
Mother of 2 Cloth Bums and Co-Owner of Podlings, Naturally Childish